FAQ? TBH FYI we prefer WTF.

WTF is a “Beat”?

A general word for everything that comes out of the Beat Shed. If we produce it, and it’s available for you to download, it’s a BEAT!

WTF is a “Loop”?

Loops are typically 2, 4 or sometimes 8 bars of audio. Therefore a Loop is designed and produced to play over again at a certain tempo without glitches. A Loop can be used in an arrangement with other drums and percussion, or with other instruments or as a standalone beat.

OK… so WTF are “Song Slices”?

A Song is a full 3-4 minute drum performance, complete with the dynamics, fills and the cymbal spill of a full drum or percussion setup recorded for a song. The audio is separated into chunks – verses/ choruses/ breakdowns/ middle sections/ alternatives/ outros/ etc.

These “Song Slices” sections are cut and produced so that they can be moved around like building blocks in your DAW to build your own song arrangement or fit with your existing project.

Right… but WTAF is a “Sample” or “One Shot”?

A Sample is any single sound. A snare drum, a conga, a wooden spoon slapped on a dead weasel. No tempo or meter, just a single hit – a “One Shot”.

Samples come in “Sample Packs” that relate to a particular production, drum kit or percussion setup. So you can use the Sample Packs in your drum and percussion arrangements or for building sampler instruments to program beats.

Can I use Sample Packs with Beat Shed Loops or Song Slices if I need extra hits? Or will it sound WEIRD?

Sample Packs are recorded during the same session as Loop Packs and Song Packs. If you’ve already used a Beat Shed Loop or Song, you can (usually) find the correct Sample Pack for your project.

WTF are these Formats?

The Beat Shed products are available in 2 different formats. You can select either or both formats from the product page.

Stereo Mixes – Beats that have been lovingly mixed and treated ready for you to use. They come as CD quality (44.1khz 16 bit) stereo WAV files. All the audio you can hear in the previews are included as separate sections or samples.

Multi-tracks – Individual audio files of each and every channel. All the audio you can hear in the previews are included as separate sections or samples. They are named and divided into folders for easy navigation. Most of the time the Multi-tracks are at unity gain (zero plus/minus db, flat as recorded), they have no effects, compression or other production colouration. In some cases the Multi-tracks ARE with full effects – if so this will be detailed on the Beat product page and in the spec sheet with the download. They come as high resolution WAV files (44.1khz 24 bit).

“Sliced” Variable Tempo Formats – We have recently started offering REX2/Apple Loops/Stylus RMX formats. For more information about these, please visit the formats page.

Sampler “Instruments – Sampler placement/velocity maps – We have also started offering our sample packs with patches for different sampler formats. For more information about these, please visit the formats page.

What is your pricing method?

There is a page here all about how we price our products.

General WTFs.

Are your products Royalty Free?

Yes. Everything for sale at The Beat Shed is 100% Royalty free.

You can use any of the recordings purchased from The Beat Shed in your own songs and projects, and you can sell your recordings commercially without owing us anything.

For more details please see our Terms & Conditions.

How many times can I download my purchased Beats? And how long do I have?

1 in 1 week. After buying any Beat Shed product, you get the opportunity to it download it once within 7 days.

If you have any problems downloading, or if your download elapses, please get in touch quoting your order number so that we can help.

Is The Beat Shed actually a shed?

Nope. The Beat Shed is actually a room on a disused USAF nuclear airbase. (Ssshh.)

The internal space has been designed so that it can be variably sound-treated according to the demand of any live drum recording session. Loud, soft, harsh, lively, dulled, laid-back, totally dead – this room can do it all. There are also large spaces and corridors that we use as recording effects.

We also know that, in the event of a nuclear apocalypse, our drums, and our recordings, will be safe and sound. So that’s nice.

It’s also quite good for pretending you’re in an American eighties military action film. Which we do. Regularly.

How did The Beat Shed come about?

Merlin Matthews, a professional drummer and producer (with an obsessive need to record everything) recorded some drum rehearsals in 2017 for listening-back and analysing. (Yes, it is a bit weird).

The idea of chopping the recordings up and selling the loops online came about. But obviously these original recordings “weren’t good enough”. (Did we mention obsessive?)

One thing led to another. Ten months later a dedicated drum recording studio had been built, a collection of carefully crafted Beats had been recorded and The Beat Shed website went live.

Nope, still doesn’t make sense!

Then please get in touch!

There is more information available about The Beat Shed here, but if you still have any questions or queries, need help with using the beats, or having problems with anything at The Beat Shed, please contact us here and we will reply as quickly possible.

Please help me understand this whole Beat Shed thing:



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