Go Beat Sheds! (Version 2)

beat shed version 2

We’re chuffed to announce we’ve launched Version #2 of The Beat Shed

To launch The Beat Shed version 2 is a huge relief. When the original site launched (01.09.18) there were still a few things we really wanted to include. So it’s been great to get them up and running. We’ve also knocked off some of the rough edges, and slightly changed the way things work.

There were also some things that we originally thought you might need, but now 10 months on, with your valuable feedback, realise that there was a fair bit that could simplified and streamlined.

Here’s a breakdown of the main differences:

No more MP3s! Just Mixes and Stems

When we first launched, we wanted to make Beats that are as useful as possible to as many as possible. We thought that having a Silver/Gold/Platinum product system was a good way to go, and it was!

But who the hell wants to work with an MP3?!

So we’ve scrapped that system and simplified it; the Beats are now available as:

  1. The Mixes
  2. The Stems
  3. Both


We still use MP3 versions for referencing in the download packages – it’s quicker and easier to audition the Beats and find the file you’re after – but the products themselves are all nice big fat lovely WAVs.

WTF are Mixes & Stems?

Mixes – Beats that have been lovingly mixed and treated ready for you to use. They come as CD quality (16 bit, 44.1khz ) stereo WAV files. All the audio you can hear in the previews are included as separate sections or samples.

Stems – Dry, unmixed, individual audio files of each and every channel. They come as high resolution WAV files (24 bit, 44.1khz). All the audio you can hear in the previews are included as separate sections or samples.

For more information about the packages and how they work, have a look at About The Beat Shed or the WTF page.


With a completely new design and user interface, we hope the site is both easier to navigate and nicer to look at. We’ve also cut the number of the pages to make things easier to read and process.

Please do take the new site for a spin, and let us know what you think. Is there anything you found that’s not quite right? Or something you think should have been done differently? Or something missing you were expecting to see? It would be great to hear about it

If you haven’t already, please do hit up the Shedletter so you can stay in touch with the great new Beats that are on their way!

Happy Shedding!

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