It’s not JUST about drums…

The Beat Shed is a fully-loaded 16 channel digital recording studio near Oxford.

From a Solo Artist to a Full Band – We can tackle everything from a single solo performer to a full band, or a voiceover or single acoustic instrument through to a large drum kit.

Recording, Mixing and Production.

We offer a full range of tracking, mixing and music production services.

Drummer, engineer and producer Merlin Matthews, has over 20 years experience in recording and music production, and works from the Beat Shed recording studio, Oxford.

oxford recording studio

Your Project – Your Sound

Your music and artistry are the most important aspect of your production. The recording and mixing process serves to capture it, give it a signature sound, and enhance it to highest possible level.

The Beat Shed is purpose-built for recording a wide range of drum sounds. Due to its versatility, that means it’s very good at recording just about anything! The space can be easily adapted and configured to record any instrument or sound source.

Working with different configurations, mic choice and placement, and adjusting the acoustics of the room, we can produce the live recordings you require.

Musicality. Engineering. Science.

We strive to get a good balance of each at The Beat Shed. Our focus is on getting the best possible recording of a sound AT SOURCE, rather than relying on effects and remedial processing at the mixing stage. Read more about theBeat Shed Recording Ethos.

Lean & Mean

The Beat Shed is a single-room setup, with other spaces available for recording amplifiers and creating room and hallway effects. This means we can keep costs to a minimum, and only use what is required to suit your budget.

Recording Studio Oxford – Location

The Beat Shed recording studio Oxford is based in a top-secret location (!) in Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire. This makes us about 15 miles North of Oxford, and 4 miles from the M40. (And 1.5 hours from Central London)


All Beat Shed recording studio services are charged at a flat rate of £280 per day (typically 8 hours) with engineer. We also offer half-days charged at £150. Once we have initially discussed your project, we will provide you with a time/cost estimate so that you can fit your sessions around your budget.

recording studio oxford

recording studio oxford


recording studio oxford



  • Fender Telecaster – 1980s
  • Gibson SG Standard
  • Fender Squire Stratocaster
  • Fender Squire Jazz Bass
  • Yamaha DX7 – 3 expansion cartridges

recording studio oxford

recording studio oxford


We have expensive ones, we have cheap ones, we have ones that have been lovingly fettled and customised.

What really counts is always having the right mic to place in the right position in any given situation for any instrument or vocalist. We have this covered!


  • Roland Boss Katana 50 guitar amp
  • Peavey Basic40 bass amp

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