Deep Dry Soul Kit

From £ 3.00

Deep Dry Soul Kit

From £ 3.00

Deep Dry Soul Drum Samples

41 drum hit samples recorded across 11 different voices at 4 different velocities.

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Soul Drum Samples

The “Deep Dry Soul Kit” is a soul drum samples pack. It is one of three Beat Shed products using a drum sound inspired by the great producer Willie Mitchell.

His approach to drum recording is one much discussed in drummer/engineer circles. Some talk about the punchy kick, the muffled toms, or the mic placement that takes in the whole kit as a single instrument. But then there’s the snare sound. Oh THAT snare sound…

Read the BeatBlog story about the recording and production…

… of the soul drum samples recorded for “Deep, Dry Soul Kit”.

Available in the usual Beat Shed packages

Mixes – Beats that have been lovingly mixed and treated ready for you to use. They come as CD quality (16 bit, 44.1khz ) stereo WAV files. All the audio you can hear in audio player above are included as separate sections or samples.

Multi-tracks – Dry, unprocessed, individual audio files of each and every channel. They come as high resolution WAV files (24 bit, 44.1khz). All the audio you can hear in audio player above are included as separate sections or samples. For more information about the packages and how they work, have a look at About The Beat Shed or the WTF page.


Package Type: Samples Pack

Total Samples: 41

Velocities: 4

Genre/style: Soul/Funk

FX: Tape Saturation, Various Compression

Instruments/Voices: 11

  • Kick
  • Snare
  • Closed Hats
  • Loose Hats
  • Loose Hats Ringing (1 velocity only)
  • Open Hats
  • Rack Tom
  • Floor Tom
  • Small Crash
  • Large Crash
  • Ride

Channels: 13 (available as Multi-tracks)

  • Kick Inside
  • Kick Outside
  • Sub Kick
  • Over Snare
  • Under Snare
  • Hats
  • Rack Tom
  • Floor Tom
  • Overhead Left
  • Overhead Right
  • Room Valve – Large Diaphragm Condenser
  • Room Ribbon (Overhead)
  • Stereo Room

Files included in the “Big, Round & Bouncy” Soul Drum Loops Pack

Mixes: 41 WAV files (Stereo 16bit, 44.1 khz) – separate samples as stereo mixes.

Multi-tracks: 533 WAV files (24bit, 44.1kz) – separate samples as individual files for each separate channel. Dry with no effects or processing.

Happy Shedding!

The Siblings…

Soul Drum Loops

Big, Round & Bouncy” was recorded at the same time and has exactly the same kit, setup, mic configuration and production style.

47 dry funky grooves recorded in 72 loops – played at 85 & 102 BPM.


If you like the sound of “Big, Round & Bouncy”, then checkout the Song Slices loop pack “Since We’ve Been Together“.

It’s also really useful if you’re songwriting and need inspiration, or if you need long loops in dynamic sections that can be moved around.

soul song drums
soul drum beats

Soul Drums Bundle

We also offer all three packs as a bundle at a 25% discount.




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