Soul Drums Bundle

Original price was: £48.00.Current price is: £36.00.


Soul Drums Bundle

Original price was: £48.00.Current price is: £36.00.

Dry, Funky, Soul Drum Beats – Drum Loops, Song Slices & Samples
SAVE 25% – 3 packs as a discounted bundle

Soul Drum Beats

This Soul Drum Beats Bundle is all three of our soul drum beats bundled together at a 25% discounted price…

The Full Monty

The bundle contains the extended versions of all three packs with the full mixes AND muti-tracks. So the full list of downloads is:

  • Big, Round & Bouncy – All Stereo Formats – (WAVs and variable tempo formats – REX2, Apple Loops, Stylus RMX)
  • Big, Round & Bouncy – Multi-tracks
  • Since We’ve Been Together – Mixes
  • Since We’ve Been Together – Multi-tracks
  • Deep Dry Soul Kit – Mixes
  • Deep Dry Soul Kit – Multi-tracks
  • Deep Dry Soul Kit – Sampler Instrument Patches

Same Session, Same Drum Sound…

All three packs are recorded with a drum sound inspired by the great producer Willie Mitchell.

His approach to recording drums is one much discussed in drummer/engineer circles. Some talk about the punchy kick, the muffled toms, or the mic placement that takes in the whole kit as a single instrument. But then there’s the snare sound. Oh THAT snare sound…

The Sound of Vintage Soul Drum Beats

We used our trusty old Yamaha 9000, tuned low and mean, using the 13″ and the 16″ for the toms. 22×16″ kick, with the front head low and the display head almost hanging off! Read more about the production of this bundle.


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