6/8 Hotrods Bundle

Original price was: £46.50.Current price is: £32.25.


6/8 Hotrods Bundle

Original price was: £46.50.Current price is: £32.25.

Laid Back, Loose, Jangly, Hotrod drum beats – Drum Loops, Song Slices & Samples
SAVE 25% – 3 packs as a discounted bundle

Hotrod Drum Beats

The 6/8 Hotrods Bundle is all three of our hotrod drum beats products bundled together at a 25% discounted price…

The Full Monty

The bundle contains the extended versions of all three packs with the full mixes AND muti-tracks. So the full list of downloads is:

  • HotRod Grooves in 6/8 – Mixes
  • HotRod Grooves in 6/8 – Variable tempo formats (REX, Apple Loops, Stylus RMX)
  • HotRod Grooves in 6/8 – Multi-tracks
  • Maypole Dreamer – Mixes
  • Maypole Dreamer – Multi-tracks
  • HotRod Kit – Mixes
  • HotRod Kit – Sampler Instrument Patches
  • HotRod Kit – Multi-tracks

Same Session, Same Hotrod Sound…

Last summer, we spent a hot day (and night) in The Beat Shed recording a triple bill of beats – HotRod Grooves in 6/8 (loops), HotRod kit (samples) and a new Song Slices arrangement called “Maypole Dreamer”.

The beats in this series are in 6/8 time with relatively slow tempos making them ideal for either a rock-style ballad or a folk/acoustic vibe.

All the hotrod drum beats were recorded using the same detuned kit with a tambourine on the snare for a nice popping backbeat. Hotrods were used to give a crispy sound to the hits whilst keeping the volume down.


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