Classic Beats & Breaks – Vol. 1

From £8.00

Classic Beats & Breaks – Vol. 1

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From £8.00

Batch #1 of our FAVOURITE breakbeats

8 grooves, 36 hip hop drum loops. Huge breakbeat, R&B, soul, funk grooves

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Classic Beats & Breaks – Vol. 1 – Hip Hop Drum Loops Pack

Audition ALL of the breakbeats and hip hop drum loops included in this package…

Here’s a breakdown of the tracks…

We had a number of different song references in mind whilst planning and recording Classic Beats & Breaks – Vol.1. No prizes for guessing what they might be…

50 Ways To Beat Your Brother – A jerky beast of a Beat. Inspired by a song performed by Steve Gadd no less. From its basic form, it gets some extra hat accenting treatment then moves over to the ride.

Anita Pearbottom – A very well beaten hip hop drum loop, used and reused on many famous records. Some fairly heavy EQ used here to push it closer to the sound of the original.

Block Rocker – This one just kind of turned up when we were playing around with Anita Pearbottom. It’s produced in a similar way – big and bouncy.

Concrete Poolyard – PROPER wonky. You think this sounds awkward. Try playing it! With that huge gap between kick and snare leaving the hats hanging in mid air. A bass player’s dream. Could play late? early?! It gets the ride treatment then back to the hats for some snare ghosting.

Crack Up – We couldn’t resist it, what a crazy little drum pattern! And as for that naughty hat fill…

Get A Grip – Another awkward chap, somewhere between straight and swung. We thought we’d find out how it sounded played straight as well.

Got To Be Real – A CLASSIC groove. It heads over to the ride for some funky snare action, then an accented ride pattern.

Maniac – This really is a SLAMMER. Inspired by no single particular track, it just felt great to play. Doesn’t sound too shabby either.

The Formats

As well as the WAV stereo mixes and 24bit multi-tracks, we also produced the breakbeats and hip hop drum loops in the REX, Apple Loops, and Stylus RMX formats.

Purdie Shuffle Loops

These files are variable tempo versions of the stereo mixes. They have been carefully sliced and tested to stretch to the tempo of your project. These 3 formats cover just about any software or workstation you may be using.

For more technical information, and to check which format to use with your system, visit the formats page.

The Bundles

As well as each individual format, there are 2 discounted bundles available:

ALL Stereo Formats – This includes the 16bit WAVs PLUS all of the variable tempo formats (REX, Apple Loops, Stylus RMX) for only £2 more than a single format.

ALL Formats – All stereo formats as above PLUS the 24bit multi-tracks. Every recording from this session for only £2 more than the ALL stereo formats package.

To find out more…

…about how the production of Classic Beats & Breaks – Vol.1, head over to the BeatBlog article.


Package Type: Loop Pack

Tempo: Various – 90-105 BPM

Grooves: 8

Total Loops: 36

Total Duration: 6 minutes, 14 seconds

Genre/style: HipHop/Funk/Soul

Time signature: 4/4 swung/straight

FX: Various – Light reverb, compression

Channels: 9 (available as Multi-tracks)

  • Kick
  • Over Snare
  • Under Snare
  • Hats
  • Overhead Left
  • Overhead Right
  • Room Ribbon
  • Room Stereo

Files included in the Classic Beat & Breaks hip hop drum loops packs

WAV package contains: 36 WAV files (16bit, 44.1 khz)

REX2 package contains: 36 REX2 files

Apple Loops package contains: 36 Sliced AIF-C files

RMX Loops package contains: 36 Directories containing XML and “audio” files

Multi-tracks Package contains: 324 WAV files (24bit, 44.1kz)

MP3 References: All packages include a set of “reference” MP3s to allow quick auditioning and location of audio files by name.

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  1. Michael Ramsay (verified owner)

    Finally I have broken free from the Logic Loops library, having downloaded the Classics Beats & Breaks pack. A simple drag and drop, an automatic shift in tempo to match my project and my track sounds like a great kit, drummer and engineer have visited for the day. First class!

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