Heavy Rock Kit

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Heavy Rock Kit

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From £5.00

Big, Heavy, Classic Drum Hits

44 drum samples recorded across 11 different voices, & 4 different velocities.

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Heavy Rock Kit – Heavy Rock Drum Samples

This sample pack includes 44 separate Heavy Rock Drum samples. That’s 11 “voices” recorded at 4 different “velocities”.

Audition EVERY hit in the pack below…

Vintage-Sounding Heavy Rock Drum Samples

We used our trusty old Yamaha 9000, tuned low and mean, using the 13″ and the 16″ for the toms. 22×16″ kick, with the front head low but the display head pitched-up, just as the great John Bonham himself used to.

We could dedicate an entire blog post to our adventures with the snare on this recording! We settled for this HUGE sounding free-floating brass shell 14″ snare drum tuned with the bottom head cranked, and the top head lower in pitch, and with the snares pretty slack.

Big, Heavy, Classic Drum Hits

This is a great example of how a snare drum can change the sound of an entire kit. The snares light up on any hit around the kit – just have a listen to the tom samples in the heavy rock drum samples preview above.

We also used the same “ribbon-mic-in-the-hallway” technique we’ve used on previous recordings to give the option of having a natural room/reverb sound. Using this channel with some fairly bold compression strapped on it can deliver some MASSIVE results.

The Patches

We have created sampler patches that “map” the voices and velocities to different keyboard note events.

sample mapping

Simply load the correct format into your software sampler, and you can play beats using your keyboard, or programme beats in your sequencer.

We created sampler patches in the following formats:

  • EXS24 (Logic/Garageband)
  • Kontakt
  • Ableton Live Drum Racks
  • Ableton Sampler
  • Battery 3 (Mac & Windows)
  • Steinberg HALion
  • Propellerhead Reason
  • CamelAudio Alchemy

For more information about the formats take a look at the formats page

Read more about…

… the recording and production of the heavy rock drum samples pack.

The Packages

“Heavy Rock Kit” is available as:

Mixes : 16BIT 44.1kHz WAVs – stereo mixes with effects.

Mixes + Patches: As above with sampler placement/velocity maps – ALL patches included for only £2 extra.

Mixes + Patches + Multi-tracks: As above with 24BIT 44.1 kHz Multi-tracks – separate tracks, dry – Every microphone channel for mixing your own heavy rock drum samples for only £4 more than the basic mixes pack.


Package Type: Sample Pack

Total Samples: 44

Velocities: 4

Genre/style: Rock/Heavy Rock

FX: Various – Light reverb, heavy compression

Instruments/Voices: 11

  • Kick
  • Snare
  • Hats Closed
  • Hats Loose
  • Hats Open
  • Rack Tom
  • Floor Tom
  • Small Crash
  • Large Crash
  • Ride
  • Ride Bell

Channels: 13 (available as multi-tracks)

  • Kick Inside
  • Kick Outside
  • Kick Sub
  • Over Snare
  • Under Snare
  • Hats
  • Rack Tom
  • Floor Tom
  • Overhead Left
  • Overhead Right
  • Room Valve – Large Diaphragm Condenser
  • Room Ribbon
  • Room Stereo

“Heavy Rock Kit” – Files included in the heavy rock drum samples packages

Mixes package contains: 44 WAV files (Stereo 16bit, 44.1 khz) – separate samples as stereo mixes.

Multi-tracks package contains: 572 WAV files (24bit, 44.1kz) – separate samples as individual files for each separate channel. Dry with no effects or processing.

Happy Shedding!

This Sample Pack has siblings!

There is a Song Pack and Loops Pack recorded with the same sound and setup to the Heavy Rock Drum Samples pack. The Song is “The Roamer”. The loops pack is“Heavy Rock Vol.1”.

Heavy Rock Bundle

We also offer all three packs as a bundle at a 25% discount.

2 reviews for Heavy Rock Kit

  1. Zachary Szymusiak (verified owner)

    A nice representation of a bombastic old kit–I even like the tom hit snare resonance, sounds very natural!

  2. Paul Sanderson (verified owner)

    As with the Grunge Kit I struggle to find quality acoustic kits in EXS24 and other formats I use. JB was number one in my opinion so I’m pretty attuned to his sound. Very happy with this Bonham-esque kit. The price is so low it’s worth checking these out and totally worth more than I paid.

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