Heavy Rock Bundle

Original price was: £40.00.Current price is: £30.00.


Heavy Rock Bundle

Original price was: £40.00.Current price is: £30.00.

MASSIVE heavy rock drum beats – Drum Loops, Song Slices & Samples
SAVE 25% – 3 packs as a discounted bundle

Heavy Rock Drum Beats

The Heavy Rock Bundle is all three of our heavy rock drum beats products bundled together at a 25% discounted price…

The Full Monty

The bundle contains the extended versions of all three packs with the full Mixes AND Muti-tracks. So the full list of downloads is:

  • Heavy Rock Vol.1 – Mixes
  • Heavy Rock Vol.1 – Multi-tracks
  • The Roamer – Mixes
  • The Roamer – Multi-tracks
  • Heavy Rock Kit – Mixes
  • Heavy Rock Kit – Multi-tracks
  • Heavy Rock Kit – Sampler Instrument Patches

Same Session, Same Heavy Rock Sound…

All three packs use the same kit, same recording setup in the same session.

So you can use the “Heavy Rock Kit” sample pack to compliment the heavy rock drum beats in “The Roamer” song sections and the “Heavy Rock Vol.1 Loops”.

Vintage Heavy Rock Drum Beat Sound

We used our trusty old Yamaha 9000, tuned low and mean, using the 13″ and the 16″ for the toms. 22×16″ kick, with the front head low but the display head pitched-up, just as the great John Bonham himself used to.

We could dedicate an entire blog post to our adventures with the snare on this recording! We settled for this HUGE sounding free-floating brass shell 14″ snare drum tuned with the bottom head cranked, and the top head lower in pitch, and with the snares pretty slack.

This is a great example of how a snare drum can change the sound of an entire kit. The snares light up on any hit around the kit.

We also used the same “ribbon-mic-in-the-hallway” technique we’ve used on previous recordings to give the option of having a natural room/reverb sound. Using this channel with some fairly bold compression strapped on it can deliver some MASSIVE results.


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