Funky Drums Bundle

Original price was: £33.00.Current price is: £24.75.


Funky Drums Bundle

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Original price was: £33.00.Current price is: £24.75.

Tight, Funky Drum Beats – Song Slices & Samples
SAVE 25% – 3 packs as a discounted bundle

Funky Drum Beats

The Funky Drums Bundle is three of our funky beats products bundled together at a 25% discounted price.

Two packs of funky song slices and a sample pack…

The Full Monty

The bundle contains the extended versions of all three packs with the full mixes AND muti-tracks. So the full list of downloads is:

  • ButterNut Funk – Mixes
  • ButterNut Funk – Multi-tracks
  • Get Out My Eyes Teardrops – Mixes
  • Get Out My Eyes Teardrops – Multi-tracks
  • Tight Funky Kit – Mixes
  • Tight Funky Kit – Multi-tracks
  • Tight Funky Kit – Sampler Instrument Patches

“Get Out My Eyes Teardrops” – Sweet 12 Bar Funky Drum Beats

From the title of this funky Song Slices Pack, you might just be able to guess where the inspiration for this Song Pack comes from.

(Although specifically the Solomon Burke version, for all you nerds out there…)

We LOVED putting this one together. We got the kit singing, changed the room to be more reflective, put a ribbon mic up a few feet away from the kit to capture the room, then strapped a tambourine on the snare and got lost among the 12 bars…

ButterNut Funk is a tribute to an early Prince track.

He played and recorded his own drums brilliantly – a wonderful drummer in his own right. We locked ourselves in The Beat Shed late one night to try and emulate this 115bpm jerky groove.

Funk Drum Hits

The Tight Funky Kit Sample Pack is the one to use if you want extra hits to use with the Butternut Funk Song Pack – it was recorded in the same session. Or if you just want to fire some funky drum beats into a sampler!

1 review for Funky Drums Bundle

  1. flubotti (verified owner)

    Been trying to get more in touch with my “funky” side lately, and the great people at The Beat Shed really get it. I picked up the Funky Drums bundle, and life in the “funk” lane is good now. The grooves are cool, the kits sound great, and are really well recorded, plus you have loads of much flexablitiy when mixing the kits different components. I’m having so much fun that I think I’ll go out, and by a pair of bellbottoms. Big thumbs up, and the flash of a peace sign(can you tell I’m a child of the sixties?). Thanks Beat Shed! Keep doin’ what you’re doin’!

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