12/8 Drum Loops – Shuffle Grooves

From £24.50

12/8 Drum Loops – Shuffle Grooves

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From £24.50

Complete 12/8 drum loops toolkit

Beats, fills and percussion – a HUGE pack of 227 separate 12/8 drum loops across 4 tempos

Modern-sounding drums – Warm, resonant tones with a snappy snare

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12/8 Drum Loops

Here’s some demonstrations using only the stereo WAV 12/8 drum loops pack.
NO additional editing or effects were used…

The Complete 12/8 Toolkit

Take 149 grooves played at 4 tempos and articulated (mostly) on hats, hats with crash, ride, then ride with crash…

… then add 51 fills and 27 percussion loops… 12/8 Shuffle Grooves is a COMPLETE 12/8 drum loops toolkit.

The 12/8 Shuffle Grooves

We thought long and hard about which 12/8 drum loops would be most versatile and useful for different styles of music. Then we studied the great 12/8 shuffle grooves played on famous recordings and selected a broad range of tempos. Whilst recording the grooves across the range of tempos, we then added extra, more tempo-specific grooves.

The Tempos

105BPM – Seriously laid back, these are 12/8 drum loops in a ballad tempo range. Or a funky 6/8 blues groove maybe? 

120BPMGetting pretty funky now, we’re in the Purdie Shuffle zone –  Steely Dan’s “Bablyon Sisters” hangs around this kind of tempo. Some open flowing fills are nice at this speed too.

130BPMThis is John Bonham territory with Led Zep’s “Fool in the Rain”. Still funky, but much more driving and played with more attack. Again, fills and percussion make a great accompaniment at this tempo.

172BPMThe Purdie Shuffle has no business being played at this tempo – unless it’s 1982 and your name is Jeff Porcaro. His classic “Rossanna” 12/8 shuffle grooves are in here plus some variations. Fill loops didn’t make much sense at this crazy tempo so we skipped those, but there are a set of percussion loops that work nicely.

The Formats

As well as the WAV stereo mixes and 24bit multi-tracks, we also produced the 12/8 drum loops in the REX, Apple Loops, and Stylus RMX formats.

12/8 Drum Loops

These files are variable tempo versions of the stereo mixes. They have been carefully sliced and tested to stretch to the tempo of your project. These 3 formats cover just about any software or workstation you may be using.

For more technical information, and to check which format to use with your system, visit the formats page.

The Bundles

As well as each individual format, there are 2 discounted bundles available:

ALL Stereo Formats – This includes the 16bit WAVs PLUS all of the variable tempo formats (REX, Apple Loops, Stylus RMX) for only £5 more than a single format.

ALL Formats – All stereo formats as above PLUS the 24bit multi-tracks PLUS the top-level Modern Funk Kit sample pack (worth £10). Every format and recording from this session for only £10 more than the ALL stereo formats package.

Modern Funk Kit is a samples pack containing hits recorded in the same session as 12/8 Shuffle Grooves. It is also available separately…

Funk Kit Samples

For more details about the recording and production of the 12/8 Shuffle Grooves …

… and a bit of history about the “Purdie Shuffle”, head on over to the BeatBlog article about this 12/8 drum loops pack.


Package Type: Loop Pack

Drum loops: 149

Percussion loops: 27

Fill loops: 51

Total loops: 227

Tempo: 105/120/130/172 BPM

Time Signature: 12/8

FX: EQ, various compression.

Channels: 16 (available as Multi-tracks)

  • Kick Inside
  • Kick Outside
  • Snare Top
  • Tom 1 Top
  • Tom 1 Bottom
  • Tom 2 Top
  • Tom 2 Bottom
  • Floor Tom Top
  • Floor Tom Bottom
  • Overhead Left
  • Overhead Right
  • Tube (third overhead)
  • Room Left
  • Room Right
  • “Vurst”
  • Hallway

Files included in the “12/8 Shuffle Grooves” Loops Pack 

WAV package: 227 WAV files – (Stereo 16bit, 44.1 khz)

REX2 package: 227 REX2 files (+ “wet” percussion WAV versions)

Apple Loops package: 227 Sliced AIF-C files (+ “wet” percussion WAV versions)

Stylus RMX package: 227 Directories containing XML and “audio” files (+ “wet” percussion WAV versions)

Multi-Tracks: 3,227 WAV files (24bit, 44.1kz) – individual files for each channel. DRY with no effects or processing.

Audition ALL 12/8 Drum Loops, fills and percussion included in this package…

3 reviews for 12/8 Drum Loops – Shuffle Grooves

  1. flubotti (verified owner)

    I’ve just recently discovered The Beat Shed. So glad I did. Needed a cool 12/8 groove for a project that I’m working on, and found exactly what I needed. The samples sound great. I got the multi-tracks format which offers me great flexability’ and is easy to use. I’m really happy with the way the project turned out, thanks in part to The Beat Shed, and their great products. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ guys! Cheers all!

  2. J S Berry (verified owner)

    This collection of loops are seriously good! It is clear that these have been performed by an experienced drummer. The drum sound is natural (no effects added) and I find the rhythms inspirational. The beats are very musical – some great counter rhythms going on here. It sounds as if the drummer is in the next room in my small bedroom studio set up. Most of the loops I have purchased so far are from companies based in the States, so it’s great to hear something as good from the UK. Keep up the great work Beat Shed!

  3. Keenan Bruni (verified owner)

    The Beat Shed NAILED this one. I needed the “Purdie Shuffle” for a track – and this collection is the best one I’ve found. Very high quality performance and recording quality, and I love the abundance of different grooves and fills to choose from.

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