We spent many hours thinking about pricing and how to value the products on The Beat Shed.

Pricing by audio duration

We tried this. It didn’t work! The number of man-hours that go into producing a Song product are completely different to a Loop package. And different again to a Sample package. The numbers just didn’t add up. You also end up with some pretty ugly numbers.

Pricing by category

Not only are the number of man-hours changeable for different product types, but they are different types of man-hours. Songs take a huge amount of planning and “writing”. Loops take up a lot of time playing and experimenting. Samples take many hours to cut, fade, export, etc. So it didn’t feel fair to u us (or us) to charge purely according to the category of product.

Confused yet? Yes, so were we! That’s why we’ve settled for…

Pricing by product

So we settled on a product-by-product system of pricing that reflects the amount of man-hours AND the duration of the audio AND the value of the product. They are normally nice round numbers, but ALWAYS prices that we feel are fair according to the amount of time that we put in, and the value of the product that you receive.

So if you’re ever wondering why one product is a lot cheaper (or more expensive) than another that is nearly the same duration, that’s why. As you can see, we’ve certainly thought about it.

If you feel that any of the prices for The Beat Shed products are wrong, please do let us know. We are always open to feedback, thoughts and ideas – even on pricing!

Please do also have a look through our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

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