Order YOUR drum recordings, played and recorded to your specification, then have them sent to you anywhere in the world.
The Beat Shed isn’t just a drum library. It’s a dedicated drum recording studio. With an online session drummer for hire…
You can book remote drum sessions at The Beat Shed with online session drummer, Merlin Matthews.

Your Online Session Drummer

Merlin Matthews can record drum tracks for YOUR SONG or project. Just as you want them to SOUND. And exactly how you need them be PLAYED.

ANY Style. ANY Genre. With over 25 years experience, Merlin can perform and record the ULTIMATE drum tracks for you from The Beat Shed studio.

online session drummer remote drum sessions

Your Project – Your Drum Sound

Working with different drums and configurations, mic choice and placement, and adjusting the acoustics of the room, we can produce live drum tracks to your exact specification. There are many examples of our versatility in drum sound, production and playing styles available to audition in the Beat Shed products.

The studio is purpose-built for drums, and being permanently set up, an online session drummer is (usually) ready to go within 24 hours. So we can deliver remote drum sessions quickly and at very short notice.


The studio is also fully equipped with a range of percussion instruments – congas, cowbells, shakers, tambourines – so we can add percussive embellishments to your drum recordings. Or produce dedicated percussion recordings for your song or existing drum tracks.

Absolute. Consistency.

Maybe you like what you heard on a Beat Shed loop or sample product, but need something a little more tailor-made?

We keep a very detailed account of every configuration, slider setting and mic position for every Beat Shed recording. So anything can be replicated.

So, for example, if you liked the pattern that was played from bar 58 of such a Song Pack, but needed it with 8th note hats and a ghosted snare? Yes, we can produce that for you.

Musicality. Engineering. Science.

We strive to get a good balance of each with the products we produce at The Beat Shed. The same applies to remote drum sessions. Read more about the Beat Shed Recording Ethos.

Film, TV, Commercial

We also have experience of working with producers in the commercial sector with very specific briefs. Clients that know exactly what type of sound they require. From referenceing original songs/scores to producing “re-records” for TV, film and product commercials.

How It Works

We can work with a demo track, chart, manuscript, reference material, or just contact us and we can have a conversation about what you require.

Remote Drum Sessions: Delivery. Anywhere in the world. 

Once the tracking/production is complete, you’ll receive the full stems from the sessions in your chosen format for you to process and mix in your project.

We can also mix and effect the recordings according to your project or individual song and/or send the recordings to you as a stereo submix.

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We look forward to hearing about your project