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Today the Beat Shed is officially launching a BESPOKE drum recording service.

Drum tracks for YOUR project. Just as you want them to SOUND. And exactly how you need them be PLAYED by an experienced professional online drummer/producer.

An Online Service

A “custom beats” category has always been on offer here at the Beat Shed, but today we’re officially launching a dedicated online drummer service.

Your Online Session Drummer

With a session career spanning many genres and an extensive credit list, online drummer Merlin Matthews has 25+ years experience of session drumming, recording and production.

From The Beat Shed studio, Merlin can record the drum tracks that you require to order and on specification for your song or project. With the sound that you need, in the style that you want, to an arrangement that you specify.

Have you considered booking an online drummer before, but then thought…

“I’ll just use a drummer plugin”

Modern drum software and plugins have become AMAZINGLY good, very versatile and sound fantastic. We’re not bashing plugins here!

They’re also a really great way to whack something down to jam along to so you can write and arrange your project.

However, drummer software will:

  • ALWAYS be using sounds that everyone else has access to – there will be nothing sonically unique about your drum tracks.
  • NEVER be able to emulate the groove and personality of a REAL drummer playing YOUR song – anticipating the arrangement sections, incorporating dynamics and delivering a performance that musically supports your music.

So when you’ve got your project to a demo level and you’re ready to start recording your material “for real”, then it’s time to order an online drummer session. Get an experienced professional in a dedicated drum recording studio to record great-sounding unique drum tracks for your song.

“It’s going to be too expensive”

An online session will be MUCH cheaper than hiring a studio, engineer, drummer (possibly other musicians) and organising the session, both in terms of money and your time.

We have many previous online drummer sessions to draw on. Templates, documentation, obsessive note-taking and a wealth of experience means we can get the right sound together pretty quickly.

There’s no reason why the drum tracks for a 3-4 minute song should take more than 3-5 hours to setup, record and produce.

If you’re not exactly sure what you require then that’s absolutely fine, let us be a little creative on your behalf and see what works!

For multiple songs, an EP or an album, the cost per track reduces if the same style, setup and sound is used on multiple tracks.

“It’s impersonal”

We might not meet face-to-face in reality (especially at the moment). But we’re here ready, willing, and able to discuss your project and talk music, drums, percussion, arrangement and production.

We’re on the end of an email, a FaceTime, a Skype, a WhatsApp, a Zoom…

… or yes, we can actually speak on a real phone too!! (+44) 7970 644515.

“I must be present in the room”

Under the current circumstances across the world, we’re all discovering the many things that are impossible without being physically present. Thankfully recording music is not one of them.

With a clear brief, style and production references and good communication, it’s not essential for artist/producer to be in the same room as a recording musician. In a conventional studio scenario we’re usually separated by walls and glass, and communicate through headphones anyway!

In any event, a video can also be recorded of your drum tracks being played if you want to watch (not just hear) the magic happen….

online drummer

“How would I get started?”

Get in touch with us! Send us a demo track, score, chart or any kind of arrangement. That’s all you need to get started with an online drummer recording session. Sound references are also good if you’re clear what you’re after. We can discuss your requirements and give you an idea of how much your drum tracks will cost.

Send an enquiry below, or email here, or give us a call on (+44) 7970 644515.

We look forward to hearing from you:



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