The Beat Shed Goes Live. Happy Birthday!

happy birthday Beat Shed

July 1st 2018 was the launch date for The Beat Shed

Well we missed that one didn’t we.

August seemed like a bad month what with holidays, so we thought we’d give ourselves an extra 2 months to get everything PERFECT and COMPLETELY finished for September 1st 2018.

Well, we didn’t manage perfection. But we have managed…

… to produce a site with all of the core functionality that we originally planned to have.

A shop with a handful of Beat Packages that span the 3 categories – Loops, Songs and Samples.

A blog where we can brag, boast and discuss drumming, recording techniques and “loopology”.

A resource that is just as accessible and relevant to a fledgling bedroom songwriter as an industry professional.

We’re quite chuffed with it.

Chuffed enough that we can’t wait to get cracking with new Beats and get them published on The Beat Shed as soon as possible.

We have a HALF a SHEDLOAD of top-class material ready for people to use, but there will be plenty more coming up over the next weeks and months. The “Coming Soon” Beat List is growing daily. (Please do feel free to suggest a Beat).

So please do keep checking back in to see what’s new. Or even better…

Please sign up to the ShedLetter –  we don’t want to fill anyone’s inbox full of crap. We only write a ShedLetter when we actually have something to say, and we hope that it will contain stuff that will be of interest to you, as well as keep you updated on what’s new in the shop.

We hope that you find The Beat Shed simple and easy to use. Please visit the WTF page if you are in any doubt about the different packages, or how they are intended to be used.  The BeatBlog contains lots of interesting articles about the products, how they were made and tips and tricks about using them.

Have a quick look at these pages if you want to know more about The Beat Shed, or have a gander at the Beat Shed Recording Ethos.

Please drop us a line and tell us how we are doing, if you have any suggestions or feedback please do let us know.

Thanks for visiting, and…

Happy Shedding!

It is customary to thank the wonderful peeps that help a creative project reach the world. The Beat Shed is no exception!

Huge thank you to:

Nick Wilkins – You are, to use that overused word for its true meaning, a GENIUS. You saw this project over the line with your technical contribution, and taught us how to fish on many occasions so that we could sort things for ourselves. A huge thank you – http://www.nick-wilkins.com

Dom Latter – We haven’t a clue what you do, but it’s clever. Very clever indeed.  Thank you for being so accommodating and for understanding the project from the word go – http://www.whitelamp.com

Tom Pilston – for your photography – It felt very rude asking a man of your credit and esteem to take pictures for us – Thank you! – http://tompilston.com

The Pie Rat – writing these words sat on the plot beneath the stars next to a campfire with a pack of dogs while using your capless internet connection to upload SHEDLOADS of Beats. A huge thank you, for your support and ongoing kindness; not to mention your help with, quite literally, moving The Beat Shed from Cambridge to Oxford. Thuge-Go thanks – https://www.hugolamdinfurniture.co.uk

Bert, Charlie & Barny – for giving The Beat Shed the best home imaginable. Being on this incredible site this year has been a very special time. Thank you, and long may it continue!

Krissy, Seth & Moowad – Cheers for the dosh. It’s helped facilitate the neglect of an entire family for months and the construction of this ridiculous project.

Cara Lu – for your photography, support and for putting up with a vampire who constantly talks bollocks about recording BEATS, and the pros & cons of linear phase EQ.

Moozles – You are THE inspiration for all of this. And everything else. Thank you beautiful girl.

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