Get Out My Eyes Teardrops – Song Pack

Funky Soul Drums

Sweet 12 Bar Funky Soul Drums

From the title of this soul drums Song Slices Pack, you might just be able to guess where the inspiration for this Song Pack comes from.

(Although specifically the Solomon Burke version, for all you nerds out there…)

We LOVED putting this one together. We got the kit singing, changed the room to be more reflective, put a ribbon mic up a few feet away from the kit to capture the room, then strapped a tambourine on the snare and got lost among the 12 bars…

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12 Bar Funky Soul

The beauty of a 12 bar is that it’s a song within a song; you can build each pattern, then drop back again and build even more! So when we planned and recorded this, we wanted to include variations on the hats, ghosting snare, open hats and ride. These can be all mixed up together, but in clear 12 bar sections.

Great for a Jam

Another benefit of the 12 bar is that everyone (hopefully!) knows where it is going to go next. So we reckon this song pack is very useful if you want something to play along to.

Move the 12 bar song sections around to suit your new or existing project or use as a soul drum backing track. There are also percussion parts – shaker, tambourine and congas – to lift the different arrangement sections.

There are 6 variations of a 12 bar pattern played in a swung 4/4 funky soul feel at 95 bpm as well as an intro, breakdown, outro and final hit.

Visit Get Out My Eyes Teardrops Song Pack Page

Please let us know what you think of the Get Out My Eyes Teardrops Song Pack.

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Happy Shedding!

Visit Get Out My Eyes Teardrops Song Pack Page

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