Free Beat Friday #5 – Funky Breakbeat Loop

funky breakbeat loop

Dust off the EMU, set the Akai to STUN – this month it’s a funky breakbeat loop…

We’ve gone for a funky breakbeat loop for Free Beat Friday this month. A 97bpm double-time hi-hat groove, using THAT crazy dead snare drum trick again, plus a SHEDLOAD of percussion.

Why a breakbeat groove?

Last week we launched the Loop pack “Big, Round & Bouncy“, the second of 3 new products using a drum sound inspired by the great producer Willie Mitchell.

Soul Drum Loops

We explained in the blog post about the method we used for creating a very low, deep dead snare sound. (It involves throwing an old snare head upside-down on top of the snare).

Well, we wondered what other styles this drum sound might suit. So we started messing about with this funky breakbeat loop and voila!

97.5 BPM!?!

To get this double-time hi-hat pattern as tight as possible, the drums were actually recorded at 195 bpm! There’s some interesting accenting on the hats, and a double snare at the end of this funky breakbeat loop.

There is also congas, a bean-rattle shaker and a woodblock for extra swing. We also found a couple of things for future Free Beat Friday’s, so stay tuned!

The Four Mic Strategy

We wanted a really boxed-in, tight, dry sound for this one. So it’s one inside the kick drum, one outside, a ribbon pointing at the snare shell (although it’s figure 8 so it’s picking up a bit of room as well) and a LDC tube mic over the top.

We used the DW Collectors series kick drum. The crappy old steel snare is one we have knocking around to use sometimes as a timbale. Hats are a pair of 14″ Zildjian New Beats. All recorded, as always, in accordance with our Recording Ethos.

The Video

Want a piece of Free Beat Friday Action?


Each month, we send our subscribers free drum loops – the mixes and multi-tracks for an amazing new beat for free.

About a week before Free Beat Friday, we record a video of some free drum loops and publish it so you can see what’s coming.

Then, on the first Friday of the month, everyone who subscribes gets an email with links to the free drum loops. 16BIT Stereo Mix and 24BIT Multi-Tracks – and they are free for you to use and enjoy!

On signing up, you will receive the most recent Free Beat Friday email with the download links…

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Happy Shedding!

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