ButterNut Funk & Tight Funky Kit – Recording & Production

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Uptight. Awkward. Funky as HELL.

The Butternut Funk Song Pack & Tight Funky Kit Sample Pack are just what you need if you’re after tight little funk drums.

ButterNut Funk is pretty “keen” and “awkward” (producer’s code for “wrong”) like good funk drums should be. It could lend itself well to anything funk/soul/R&B and even disco – it isn’t four-to-the-floor, but it kind of feels like it!

ButterNut Funk is a tribute to an early Prince track.

He played and recorded his own drums brilliantly – a wonderful drummer in his own right. We locked ourselves in The Beat Shed late one night to try and emulate this 115bpm jerky groove.

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Do The Breakdown

The movable song arrangement sections of Butternut Funk cover the most conventional song parts. With intros, verses, choruses, breakdowns and a funkyass middle section. Move these sections around to suit your new or existing project. See the specification for a full rundown of the sections.

The Third Overhead

For these recording sessions we used a ribbon mic over the top of the kit. Almost like a third overhead, to give a tight, contained, focused funky drum sound.

There are also percussion parts – shaker, tambourine and congas – to lift the different arrangement sections. The congas were recorded with both close and distance mics for panning and blending.

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funk drums

Funk Drum Hits

The Tight Funky Kit Sample Pack is the one to use if you want extra hits to use with the Butternut Funk Song Pack. Or if you just want to fire some hits into a sampler!

40 samples recorded across 10 different voices at 4 different velocities.


  • Kick
  • Snare
  • Hats Closed
  • Hats Loose
  • Hats Open
  • Tom
  • Floor Tom
  • Ride
  • Small Crash
  • Large Crash

Visit Butternut Funk Song Pack Page

Visit Tight Funky Kit Sample Pack Page

Please let us know what you think of the Butternut Funk Song and Tight Funky Kit Packs.

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Happy Shedding!

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