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Here’s a free Hiphop beat…

…the “funky snakefoot”!

Ya Mama

This free hiphop beat is a breakbeat groove inspired by Synthetic Substitution by Melvin Bliss which was sampled by The Pharcyde on their classic “Ya Mama“. Our version is swung rather than straight though!

WTF is the “funky snakefoot”?

There is a series of exercises designed by Zoro “The Minister of Groove” called The Funky Snakefoot. That’s because these exercises are designed to get your kick-foot double-strokes up to speed. So, when playing doubles at this tempo, you find your heel squirming around on the footplate like a snake!

The Video

Gospel Chop!

We also lobbed in a cheeky little 16th note gospel chop fill in the middle. This FreeBeats™ beat contains 2 other fills and some MAHOOZIVE reverb.

… and some percussion

It wouldn’t be a FreeBeats™ beat without some percussion! An off-beat swung tambourine pattern and a SHEDLOAD of very high-pitched cowbell.

The Recording

We used the DW Collectors series kit with a Pearl “flapjack” maple piccolo snare. Hats are a pair of 14″ Zildjian New Beats. All recorded, as always, in accordance with our Recording Ethos.


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