Free Beat Friday #11 – Free Drum Solo!

Free Drum Solo

Something TOTALLY different this month…

… an ENTIRE free drum solo!

WTF is all this free drum solo all about?

Performed by Merlin Matthews on a vintage 70’s Ludwig kit, this free drum solo moves through various drum tones and timbres using broomstick, hotrods and sticks.

The recurring pattern is (very loosely) based on a “Mozambique” feel.

There’s a fair bit to pick out in here – some mellow down-tempo grooves, a bit of a breakbeat, then a bit of SHREDDING towards the end!

The Video

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The Kit

This beautiful vintage 70’s Ludwig kit was the pride and joy of a close friend who sadly passed away in November 2020. He went by many names, “The Bargin” being one, hence the title of this piece…

The toms were tuned to fifths to give a feeling of tension, and almost no damping was used anywhere on the kit for maximum sustain and resonance – an unusual approach when recording drums…!

And yes… that’s a Ludwig black beauty snare…

The Recording

It’s a full 14 channel setup including toms mic’d top and bottom, our beloved “Vurst” mic, and some very sexy Royer ribbons out in the room.

We rigged this beautiful kit up in order to start recording some new loop packs. HotRod Grooves in 6/8 AND 4/4 are in the pipeline… stay tuned!

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