A library of FREE drum loops & recordings offered to ALL Beat Shed subscribers

FreeBeats™ is a free drum loops and samples library. All you need is to be subscribed (which is free!) and you’ll have access to the entire FreeBeats™ library and its future releases.

free drum loops funky snakefoot

“Funky Snakefoot” Hiphop Beat

This hiphop beat is inspired by Synthetic Substitution by Melvin Bliss which was sampled by The Pharcyde on their classic “Ya Mama“. Our version is swung rather than straight though, with LOADS of percussion.

free drum loops bargin solo


An entire drum solo! Performed on a vintage 70’s Ludwig kit, this solo pieced moves through various drum tones and timbres using broomstick, hotrods and sticks. The recurring pattern is (very loosely) based on a “Mozambique” feel.

free drum loops linear

“LINEAR” Groove

A beat with nothing hit at the same time produces a choppy/urgent effect, a bit like a drum machine or sampler where the groove has been chopped up. But we took care of that with a SHEDLOAD of percussion!

free drum loops skintight

“Skintight” Breakbeat

A free-flowing 16th note breakbeat with a bonkers high pitched piccolo snare and even crazier tuned-up OPEN kick drum that creates it’s own bassline…

FreeBeats™ – A whole lot more than a Free Trial

We want everyone to really get what we do at The Beat Shed – create natural-sounding real human LIVE drum recordings.

Practically all audio software/plugin/library creators offer free resources to new customers and subscribers. These are often in the form of a free loop pack, a tutorial PDF or “lite” version of a plugin…

… we decided to do things a bit differently.

We’ve created a repository of free drum loops and samples with a wide range of different setups and sounds. So that ANYONE can try out, work with and use the free drum loops and samples to get a good understanding of The Beat Shed and what we offer.

Hi res. Royalty free.

As with all Beat Shed products, FreeBeats™ recordings are offered as 16bit stereo mixes and 24bit Multi-tracks.

They are also completely 100% royalty free. You can use FreeBeats™ as part of your own productions and compositions safe in the knowledge that you are entitled to release them privately or commercially.

Nurturing a Beat Shed community

We’ve built up a healthy following over the past 5 years, and we now want to feed, nurture and grow this community with regular new FREE content.

New users, previous customers, composers, beat-makers, songwriters, producers, engineers, educators, content creators, film/TV professionals… anyone who needs unique organic REAL sounding free drum loops and samples.

FreeBeats™ is a great resource for both seasoned Beat Shed customers and new users because the library is…

Constantly growing

FreeBeats™ will be drip-fed with new content constantly, regularly, indefinitely.

We’re pretty busy over here at the Beat Shed constantly chopping wood and recording new loops and sample packs (not to mention tailor-made online sessions!)

Every time we hit records a new idea for FreeBeats™ seems to come along! So we have committed to posting monthly for the next 10 months and regularly after that indefinitely. So make sure you…

Stay tuned

Being a subscriber not only gives you access to the free drum loops and samples, but also keeps you up to date.

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FreeBeats™ is a library of FREE drum loops & recordings offered to ALL Beat Shed subscribers.
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