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Free Drum Loops

Welcome to Free Beat Friday.

Sometimes (when we have something to share), we send our subscribers free drum loops – the mixes and stems for an amazing new beat for free.

We are CONSTANTLY chopping wood in The Beat Shed. Sometimes we record it. Sometimes we even video it. About a week before Free Beat Friday, we record a video of a fresh new beat and publish it so you can see what’s coming.

Then everyone who subscribes gets an email with links to the free drum loops – a 16BIT Stereo Mix and 24BIT Multi Tracks – and they are free for you to use and enjoy!

Not just free drum loops, also…

The Beat Shed Newsletter

Or as we like to call it, The ShedLetter.

When we have some more free drum loops, or when something happens at the Beat Shed that is worth writing about, we will put together a ShedLetter to keep you informed and, hopefully, entertained.

We don’t have any strict rules about when and why (apart from Free Beat Friday of course!). We only write a ShedLetter as and when recordings are taking place. Or Beats are being published more free drum loops are being recorded.

Or when we are particularly excited about something that we think you might like. So we won’t fill your inbox with crap. Promise.

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