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Set your samplers to STUN…

… it’s a free LINEAR drum groove!

WTF is .. L-I-N-E-A-R?

This free drum groove is LINEAR! A linear drum groove is where you only hit every beat of a subdivision in the bar, but don’t hit anything at the same time. Which is kinda strange for a drummer as that’s exactly what we’ve learned to NOT do!!

It produces a choppy/urgent effect, a bit like a drum machine or sampler where the groove has been chopped up. But we took care of that with a SHEDLOAD of percussion!

The Video

Not just a free drum groove… but a Shedload of Percussion

Because a linear drum groove leaves a lot of space for other divisions, we bunged down no less than:

  • tambourine
  • cowbell
  • jamblock
  • agogo

Stereo Stems

There’s quite a bit going on in this FreeBeats™ groove, so we produced a stereo mix, just drums, AND just percussion so you can get seriously LINEAR!

There’s also the usual 24bit multi-tracks so you have complete control of every element to mix to your ears content.

The Recording

We used the DW Collectors series kit with THAT CRAZY SNARE! (IE: a detuned snare with a knackered head placed upside down on the top…)

Hats are a pair of 14″ Zildjian New Beats. All recorded, as always, in accordance with our Recording Ethos.


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