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… a free flowing “SKINTIGHT” breakbeat!

WTF do you mean by “Skintight”?

Well, everything about this free breakbeat is tuned WAY up! The drumheads are lug-snappingly tight to create a tension and urgency in the sound of the rhythm.

Ironically, the pattern of the beat itself has some looseness to it. The kick wanders between the 16th beat hats making it flow nicely. This breakbeat is definitely more “skintight” than “grid-tight”!

The never-ending kick drum….

This debut FreeBeats™ offering has a crazy kick drum. Tuned way up high, with no padding or damping, and played “out” – with the beater off the head – so that the tone goes and goes – it kind of creates its own bassline!

The snare is pretty bonkers too. A 13′ piccolo pitched so high it makes your teeth hurt. What’s not to love. Download, dive in and enjoy this free breakbeat!

The Video

As featured…

Norwegian rapper/producer “Jester” (of Gatas Parliament) got in touch to send us this little beauty he built using the “Skintight” breakbeat… Cheers!

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