Free Beat Friday #8 – Fast HEAVY Rock Drums


For Free Beat Friday this month…

… a fast HEAVY Rock drum Shred-Up!

Why fast heavy rock drums?

We’ve done a couple of up-tempo heavy rock drum sessions lately. So we were WELL in the mood for a bit of a 170bpm SHRED

We were reminded of some of our favourite drummers who play in a crazy frenetic hard-hitting but SUPER accurate style.

Joey Castillo, Jon Theodore (notice a pattern here..?!) Taylor Hawkins… and of course the Godfather of this style, Stewart Copeland.


We LOVE this little red monster! It’s a thick plastic block that fills the gap between a traditional woodblock and a high cowbell. Percussive yet aggressive when hit properly… like Joey C does right here.

There 2 channels of JamBlock in this fast heavy rock drum Free Beat Friday. One close mic, one far far away…

The Full Monty

These fast heavy rock drums were recorded with the full 16 channel setup. So plenty of options if you want to delve into the multi-tracks where you will get each and every channel as a 24bit file.

We used the DW Collectors series kit, with 2 mics on every drum. Hats are a pair of 14″ Zildjian New Beats. All recorded, as always, in accordance with our Recording Ethos.

The Video

Want a piece of Free Beat Friday Action?


Each month, we send our subscribers free drum loops – the mixes and multi-tracks for an amazing new beat for free.

About a week before Free Beat Friday, we record a video of some free drum loops and publish it so you can see what’s coming.

Then, on the first Friday of the month, everyone who subscribes gets an email with links to the free drum loops. 16BIT Stereo Mix and 24BIT Multi-Tracks – and they are free for you to use and enjoy!

On signing up, you will receive the most recent Free Beat Friday email with the download links…

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Happy Shedding!

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