Drum Samples

Single hits, drums and cymbals, different velocities…

Drum samples can be used in your arrangements, alongside our other products, for beat add/replacement in your mixes, or placed in a sampler for programmed beats.

The Beat Shed Drum Loops & Samples are LIVE

A REAL drummer hitting acoustic instruments in a physical space that is purpose-built for drums and percussion

A great recorded drum sound is achieved through a lot of attention to the basics. Drum configuration, drum tuning, room treatment and mic placement.

We record our drum loops with a wide range of microphones.  Industry standard, weird, wonderful and custom “modded” microphones. These run through Neve-style 1073 and super-clean Focusrite pre-amplifiers.

During tracking we treat the computer as a tape machine not a DAW. The drum sound must be GREAT on the way IN, before hitting record.

These core principles dictate the way The Beat Shed products are recorded and produced. The instruments, the room and the performance MUST sound fantastic pre-EQ, pre-compression, pre-FX. Read more about the Beat Shed recording ethos.

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