Drum Loops

The Beat Shed drum loops are designed to inspire…

Meticulously recorded with a real live drummer, our drum loops are produced to be valuable tools for your songs and projects.

Song Slices

Drum loops recorded as song sections

Song slices are drum loops recorded as parts that work musically together. Verses, choruses, middle sections, and more. MOVABLE song sections that work in ANY order. Pretty handy for songwriting...


Bundled products at discounted prices…

We spot which products customers often buy together. So we group them together as bundles of Beat Shed drum Loops, Song Slices, and Samples offered at a discount.

The Beat Shed Drum Loops are LIVE

A REAL drummer hitting acoustic instruments in a physical space that is purpose-built for drums and percussion.

During tracking we treat the computer as a tape machine not a DAW. The drum sound must be GREAT on the way IN, before hitting record.

These core principles dictate the way The Beat Shed products are recorded and produced. The instruments, the room and the performance MUST sound fantastic pre-EQ, pre-compression, pre-FX. Read more about the Beat Shed recording ethos.

Each and every Beat Shed recording is available as stereo mix or multi-track. So you can choose to have your beats as they were produced by us, or you can delve into the multi-tracks and mix/effect the individual channels to your taste.