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We’re Always Chopping Wood in the Beat Shed

During the building of The Beat Shed website, and the recording of the Beats, there was ONE really frustrating factor.

ALL those Beats we wanted to record and release for the launch couldn’t. Why can’t we include this? Let’s just wait until that? Can’t wait to record this other thing!

Well, we have a list of Beats we want to record. A MASSIVE list. Unlike most lists in life… we can’t wait to get started.

Here’s what we’ve got planned…

Song Packs

  • “Bitter Sister” – medium tuned snare, massive toms, plastic block, quick fills, double time, heavy hitting – 160BPM
  • “Nutter” – Rock/Punk – high tuned snare, little toms, loads of fills, loads of pushes – 160BPM
  • “WedgeJammer/HedgeSlammer” – Funky MASSIVE 80’s reverbs! Really tight.
  • “Brother, You Would’ve Come Over” – HotRods, then get big and heavy with sticks.
  • 4two4loor – Straight, dance, disco, soca, stripped down, cymbal stabs, etc.
  • Dancehall – 96.5 PM – Handclaps/Blocks
  • “I Wanna Shake It with You” – Medium tuned snare, big fills, not many pushes – Tambo and woodblock 92BPM
  • Blues – 6/8 – “Sweet Home Kichago”
  • Home is Past – 12/8 – Nuff said!
  • Blues – 6/8 – “Green House” – Slow blues.
  • Motown – “Fears of a Town” – double-time with tambos/triangle – dead snare, crazy high kick.
  • “Could Heather Ever Be Like These” – Using tom as snare for verses then really high pitch snare and disco hats for choruses – shaker/tambo/aguiro/congas – 115BPM-

Loop Packs

  • Classic Soul/Funk – Classic Breaks and Beats Vol 2
  • Classic Soul/Funk – Light and Groovy
  • Classic Soul/Funk – Big, Round and Bouncy
  • Rock – Heavy 1
  • Rock – Classic 1
  • Reggae – Reggae Vol 1
  • Dub – Dub Vol 1
  • Dancehall – Dancehall Vol 1
  • Walrus Funk – That snare! Song and Sample pack
  • Punk – Punk as F*ck Vol1
  • Punk – Funky Punk Vol1
  • Punk – Punky Reggae Vol1
  • Fills – Fills of Fury Vol 1
  • Generic – Dry and Basic Drum Beats – Vol1
  • Generic – Dry and Basic Fills – Vol1
  • Wonky – Wonky Hip Hop 1
  • Cinematic – Moody/Edgy
  • Cinematic – Scary
  • Cinematic – Gangster
  • Cinematic – Soft with flourishes
  • Cinematic – Blaxploitation/Cops
  • Percussion – Congas
  • Percussion – Cowbells & Blocks
  • Percussion – Shakers & Reptiles

The Producer’s Toolkit Series

  • Producer Tools (All mics – Isolation parts) – Hi Hats – Sticks/Hot Rods/Brushes
  • Producer Tools (All mics – Isolation parts) – Snares – Sticks Pack/Hot Rod Pack/Brush Pack
  • Producer Tools (All mics – Isolation parts) – Kicks – Different beaters
  • Producer Tools (All mics – Isolation parts) – Cymbals – Sticks Pack/Hot Rod Pack/Brush Pack
  • Producer Tools (All mics – Isolation parts) – Toms – Sticks Pack/Hot Rod Pack/Brush Pack

We’re Also Looking at a Whole New Concept: Clickless Songs

This is something we’re very excited about introducing. The idea is you have a Song Pack like any other on the Beat Shed, that is BASED on a tempo, but it is played entirely without a click track. It might sound terrible when you try and put the sections back together in a random order, but it might just sound AMAZING. We’re going to aim for the amazing option. We’ll let you know how we get on.

If you’re interested in The Beat Shed…

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If you need help then check out the BeatBlog,  WTF and About The Beat Shed pages.

If you have any suggestions for new beats, Songs, Loops or Samples, or maybe other products you’d like to see on The Beat Shed, please let us know, and SUGGEST A BEAT!

Happy Shedding!

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