The Amen Break Drum Loop

amen break drum loop

“A Ubiquitous Piece of the Pop Culture Soundscape” This is how Nate Harrison describes the Amen Break drum loop in the introduction to his 2004 audio documentary (listen below). When we came up with the concept for our “Amen Break Re-recorded” loop pack, we did a fair bit of research into this extraordinary 6 second […]

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Go Beat Sheds! (Version 2)

beat shed version 2

We are very chuffed to announce we’ve launched Version #2 of The Beat Shed!

When the original site launched (01.09.18) there were still a few things we really wanted to include. So it’s been great to get them up and running. We’ve also knocked off some of the rough edges, and slightly changed the way the whole thing works.

Here’s a breakdown of the main differences:

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The Beat Shed Drum Recording Ethos

drum recordings

Drum kits are a swine to record. Just set the kit up, shove microphones all over it, press record, let rip, and it will sound like a lump of turd.

Musically speaking, “the drums” is a single acoustic instrument. Yet it comprises many different instruments recorded across multiple channels simultaneously, with many microphones potentially pushing and pulling against each other.

Drum recording requires a bit of time and thought.”Fix it in the mix” is an approach to recording you might have come across.

The Beat Shed ethos is the absolute opposite.

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