Classic Beats & Breaks – Vol.1 – BreakBeat Loops Pack

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The Sampler Concept – BreakBeat Loops

The Beats in the “Classic Beats & Breaks – Vol.1”  BreakBeat Loops Pack are (not that creatively) named so that you might recognise which songs they are influenced by.

Truth be told, the whole breakbeat loops concept comes from the legendary “Ultimate Breaks & Beats” series. These compilation albums (released from 1986 to 1991 by Street Beat Records) influenced the direction of Hip-Hop during this period by providing producers and DJs with incredible, ready-to-use beats and breaks.

Many others followed the concept. Labels would put out compilations of recordings from their vaults that were good sample fodder. (Checkout the Blue Break Beats series from Blue Note). At the other end of the spectrum, compilations of records that artists had sampled FROM started to emerge. Tribe Vibes for example demonstrated how eclectic A Tribe Called Quest were in the sourcing of their samples.

The Beat Shed record shelves hold a fair few of these “sampler” records. We LOVES ’em! So we wanted to create our own, AT SOURCE.

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The Prototype Beat Shed Product

It was also a good basis for producing the best quality guinea pig we could! A good solid usable set of drum loops as the very first Beat Shed drum loop pack to go into the shop.

We hope there are many more to come. In fact, we are already planning Classic Beats & Breaks – Vol.2…

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Many years ago, we recorded a Beats & Breaks sampler for CD/Vinyl. For one reason or another, it sadly never saw the light of day. But we kept the notes and drum configurations from the sessions and went about playing, re-recording and producing them again for an online audience. So the planning was done over a decade ago! In terms of recording, it was all about playing around with the kit, the room and mic placement. It was during the process that we formed the Beat Shed Recording Ethos.

Once the tracking was in the bag, very little production was required. There are 2 distinct “sounds” – Tight and dead – Open and natural. We’ll let you listen through and judge which is which for yourself. And if the production style doesn’t suit your project, you can grab the stems and produce them in any way you want!

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Please let us know what you think of the Classic Beats & Breaks – Vol.1 – BreakBeat Loops Pack.

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Happy Shedding!

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