Hotrod Grooves in 6/8, Maypole Dreamer- Song Slices & HotRod Kit Samples

ballad drums

Breezy, Lilting, Swung 6/8 Grooves, Loops and Samples played with Hotrods.

Last summer, we spent a hot day (and night) in The Beat Shed recording a triple bill of ballad drums – HotRod Grooves in 6/8 (loops), HotRod kit (samples) and a new Song Slices arrangement called “Maypole Dreamer”.

The beats in this series are in 6/8 time with relatively slow tempos making them ideal for either a rock-style ballad or a folk/acoustic vibe.

All the beats were recorded using the same detuned kit with a tambourine on the snare for a nice popping backbeat. Hot Rods were also used to give a crispy sound to the hits whilst keeping the volume down.

WTF are Hotrods?

Hotrods are like a cross between sticks and brushes. Bunches of wooden kebab skewers basically! They make a unique sound as the small sticks brush the drum heads, and make a splashy sound on cymbals. A hotrod on a ride cymbal is a really lovely thing – percussive with a quick attack and yet ringing at the same time.

Dave Grohl is partly responsible for the popularity of hotrods. He used them on the classic MTV Nirvana Unplugged recordings. They helped him feel that he was playing with drumsticks, whilst keeping his playing volume down.

Sticking the Ribbon Mic in the Hallway?

In terms of the channels (for all you stem heads out there!) its a very similar setup to other Beat Shed packages, with the one exception that the ribbon mic we usually rig at the back of the room was actually setup outside the door in the hall – massive sound alert!

Some fairly heavy treatment with EQ/compression may be necessary to tailor it to what you need it to do, but on the mixes for the loops we only needed to tickle this channel to get the whole mix to sound like it was put through an expensive reverb; a very nice result! – and one we’ll be using again for sure.

ballad drum loops

Our Best Selling Beat Pack to date.

HotRod Grooves in 6/8 is a BUMPER Loop Pack

11 minutes, 39 seconds of LUSCIOUS 6/8 Hotrod ballad drums grooves. Solo acoustic? Folk? Rock Ballad? Or something completely different…

Laid back beats, loose, jangly drum loops. Played with hotrods. The 6/8 hotrod drum loops in this pack are played at 75, 85, 95, and 105 BPM tempos. They are all in 6/8 time signature. This covers a fair range of suitable different styles and genres.

Like everything we produce at The Beat Shed, we hope you find this Loop Pack inspiring, and that you find beats you can use in your songs and recordings.

ballad drum song

“Maypole Dreamer” Song Slices

11 song sections at 75bpm – verses, choruses, coda, instrumental, and more…

We had a number of different song references in mind (possibly Jeff Buckley?) whilst planning and recording Maypole Dreamer. It’s swung 6/8 groove has its feet firmly in the folk/rock/ballad style, but could be used in many different song arrangements and genres.

From Bridge to Coda

These movable arrangement sections cover the most conventional song parts. With intros, verses, choruses, bridge an upbeat coda and an instrumental section with a build. Move these sections around to suit your new or existing project. See the below specification for a full rundown of the sections.

There is also a tambourine part to lift the different arrangement sections.

HotRod Kit

hotrod drum samples

The HotRod Sample Pack includes 30 separate Hotrod Drum Samples.

30 Separate Samples. That’s 10 “voices” recorded at 3 different “velocities”.


  • Kick
  • Snare
  • Hats Closed
  • Hats Open
  • Tom
  • Floor Tom
  • Ride
  • Splash
  • Small Crash
  • Large Crash

Please let us know what you think of theses ballad drums; the Maypole Dreamer Song, HotRod Grooves in 6/8, and HotRod Kit Packs.

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Happy Shedding!

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