Free Loop Library – FreeBeats™


Launching … FreeBeats™ … a new FREE loop library The FreeBeats™ have landed… We’re VERY excited to announce FreeBeats™ – a free loop library by The Beat Shed. FreeBeats™ is a new library of FREE drum loops & recordings offered to ALL Beat Shed subscribers. All you need is to be subscribed (which is free!) […]

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“Skintight” – Free Breakbeat – FreeBeats™


FreeBeats™ number #1… … a free flowing “SKINTIGHT” breakbeat! WTF do you mean by “Skintight”? Well, everything about this free breakbeat is tuned WAY up! The drumheads are lug-snappingly tight to create a tension and urgency in the sound of the rhythm. Ironically, the pattern of the beat itself has some looseness to it. The […]

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