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The Beat Shed is a shop for live boutique drum recordings.

An online resource for musicians, engineers, DJs, producers, TV/Film professionals. In fact ANYONE who needs beautifully recorded, unique, INTERESTING live drum recordings for their projects.

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Loops, Samples,
Online Sessions,
Recording Studio

Loops – drums that loop seamlessly in bars of 4 or 8, or “song slices”.

Samples – single percussive sounds. “One Shots”.

Online Sessions – Drums recorded for you, to order, to your specification, sent to you anywhere in the world. We can record the drum recordings you require, with the sound and style that you need them, to any arrangement that you specify.

Studio – The Beat Shed is also a recording studio near Oxford. We offer a full range of tracking, mixing and music production services.

free_beat_fridayIt’s Free Beat Friday!

Occasionally, (when we have something interesting to share) we send out links to the stereo mixes and multi-tracks for an AMAZING beat FOR FREE.

Everyone who subscribes to The ShedLetter gets the beats, and they are free for you to use and enjoy!

Work Digital. Think Analogue.

The Beats are live. Played by a real human drummer.

Hitting real acoustic instruments in a physical space that is purpose-built for drums and percussion.

While recording, we treat the computer more as a tape machine than a DAW. It has to sound GREAT on the way IN. Before hitting record.

A great recorded drum sound is achieved through a lot of attention to the basics. Drum configuration, drum tuning, room treatment and mic placement.

This core principle dictates the way The Beat Shed products are recorded and produced. The instruments, the room and the performance MUST sound fantastic pre-EQ, pre-compression, pre-FX. Read more about the Beat Shed recording ethos.

Absolute. Consistency.

One person conceives, plans, performs, records and produces The Beats. Total consistency is maintained across everything that is published on The Beat Shed. With a personal feel to each and every product.

Thanks to obsessively detailed note-taking, we can also replicate any sound, any beat or any variation to order.

Beats for ANY given situation

If you’ve just bought your first instrument and are looking for something to play along to. A professional producer needing some interesting loops or samples. A film composer that needs a moveable drum arrangement to work with.

Or maybe you need something completely bespoke; played, recorded and produced entirely to your specification.

the beat shed - drum recordings

Recent Products

Recording live drums and producing amazing drum sounds is an obsession.

If you find a topic in the BeatBlog articles that interests you, it most definitely interests us too. So dive in and find articles about the making of the Beats, as well as Guides, Tips & Tricks and stories along the way.

While you’re checking out the products and the BeatBlog, if you happen to  think of a Beat that you’d like to see here, then please go ahead and drop us your suggestions. We love to hear new ideas.

We are CONSTANTLY chopping wood in The Beat Shed.

Or at least planning, recording or producing new Beats. A lot of thought, preparation and pre-production goes into the Beats. So we always have a list of live drum recordings – songs slices, loops and sample packs scheduled for recording and production at any one time, so please sign up to the ShedLetter to stay tuned. Don’t worry; we won’t fill your inbox with crap.

We only write a new ShedLetter when we actually have something to say, and we hope that you’ll find it interesting.

Learn more about The Beat Shed…

… and how the Beats are produced, and interesting ideas about how to use the Loops, Songs and Sample Packs, hit the BeatBlog and sign up to the ShedLetter.

If you want to know more about The Beat Shed generally, how the site works, or more about the Beat categories then please hit the WTF page for answers, or use the form to contact us with a question; we’d love to hear from you.


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